Dolphin Tale drains my big interest after seeing the movie. It was a nice effort to show the story of a sweet little dolphin whose tail was lost and then she found a miracle in her life. It was a real heart touching and lovable script will remain for lifelong in my memory. This is because this term has influenced me a lot later on in my life as well. Being a lover of fun giving activities, I enjoy playing games both online and also on the offline mode in any gaming club. It was more like an overwhelming experience for me when one day I found this game on my favourite gaming portal. On first look, I was amazed and filled with the feel of the wonderful movie, which was my favourite. Then I tried it with the dilemma and also the desire to know whether this game fulfills the name of this wonderful movie or not.

I found on first trial this amusement less interesting. But a friend of mine, who was there with me in the casino, put some interest and decided to have a round. Seeing his interest and winning at a very first round also gave me some interest and I influenced to be a part of this activity. That incident relates a big part of the movie also as the touch of the friendship. I felt this because of the way that dear friend of mine gave me support and guidance in recovering from the threat and after few minutes I felt like a confident player capable of playing any game without any concern of the output. This is the basic which I learned that this place is a game of chance. So better have a confidence in yourself else you don’t have any space here to dwell yourself unnecessarily in the loss, because if this happens successively, you lose your own interest in your game of interest. So do till you like and where you have the interest to take out the best.